Customer/Client Disputes

Relationships with clients and customers are the lifeblood of any business; however, disputes can arise and it pays to be prepared to resolve them in an effective and efficient way. It is essential to minimize potential liability exposure and to ensure your business is fairly compensated. An attorney experienced in this field can help you resolve the dispute in a way that protects the good name of your business and maintains the goodwill you have built in the community. The attorneys at GSRM are experienced in ensuring the best possible outcome for clients. At times, this means negotiating a resolution outside of court. Other circumstances demand complex, persistent litigation, trial or appellate counsel. In any of these scenarios, GSRM litigators are consistently called upon to represent clients before Tennessee and federal courts, before state and federal administrative agencies and before administrators, arbitrators and mediators. Regardless of the venue, GSRM attorneys present highly-focused and compelling arguments in order to resolve strife before it can snowball into a hazardous outcome.