Secure your Family's Finances with an Estate Plan

The preparation of legally-binding, Tennessee estate-planning documents that are customized to your unique situation is crucial to protecting and providing for your family. Every adult who owns property or has children should have a will.

Will the process be uncomfortable?

Many people are reluctant to get their estate plan in order because they fear the process will be uncomfortable. Some people are reluctant to become involved with attorneys while others simply procrastinate. However, most people who engage with an experienced estate-planning attorney find that the process is in no way traumatizing and that any discomfort is far outweighed by the peace of mind in knowing that the people they care about will be protected when they are gone. Moreover, in certain situations, effective estate planning can save significant amounts of money by reducing taxes and estate administration expenses.

When is the best time to get started with a will?

The best time to plan for your death or disability is while you are healthy. People tend to make better decisions when healthy and it is important to be protected in case of an accident or unexpected event. Also, “death bed” estate plans or estate plans executed by those with a diminished mental capacity are far more susceptible to being challenged in court.

We work hard during our lives to provide support and opportunity for our loved ones, so it only makes sense that we should plan to care for them if we become unable to do so. Estate planning protects you and your family and allows you to leave a legacy that reflects your desires and gives purpose to your lifetime accomplishments.