Time and time again we have discussed the arduous probate process that can unfold if one dies without a valid will. Prince died almost three months ago and the public probate proceedings continue on in full force as the court continues to gather evidence to assist it in determining the legitimate heirs of Prince’s estate.

In a recent order made public, Prince’s former law firm, Henson & Efron, may have certain “confidential information” in their files that could assist the court in determining Prince’s heirs. Prince’s former law firm had sought court guidance and consent before releasing the information from their files to the court appointed administrator.

Even with this additional information, there likely is still a long road ahead for all the parties involved. To date, over a dozen individuals have filed heirship or other claims.

In addition to the Prince estate being an interesting case to monitor, the probate proceedings will long continue to serve as a reminder of the importance of estate planning and why it is crucial to prioritize getting it done.

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